Brandon Hicks

Hello, I'm Brandon Hicks

I'm a freelancer web developer from Farmington, NM I went to school for Computer Science.
I am a full stack developer who specialize in web application development, primarily with builting applications using RubyOnRails.


I develop cutting edge web applications in order for you the reach the widest audience possible.
I work to increase your products success, while providing quality code for future development.



We design unique, modern, and responsive web applications in order for you to reach to largest audience possible.


We strive to give you a working prototype in a timely fashion, while using modern programming standards to ensure reable, resuable, and reliable code.


We strive to give your visitors a lasting experience and an impression they'll never forget.

Work that I'm proud of

I take pride and enjoy the work that I do. These are some of the projects I've had the honor of working on.


A local city wanted a geoCrimeMap prototype in order to map out local crime using a custom mapping service.

Basin Home Health

A local home healthcare facility, that wanted a better way to display their services to their clients.

Glide CMS

I worked with a small team of developers to create an inhouse Rails based CMS. Which enabled the users to create a content rich and easy to manage website.


I developed a simple application for a distraction free writing area. And when you done writing, it will output as a processed plain text file for storage anywhere you choose.


A methodic redesign of my online portfolio SixMethods



A Vagrant/Ansible Provision using Debian as it's VM image to do a basic setup for a Rails Server. It comes with various required systems for a basic rails setup, including but not limited to: postgresql, redis, nodejs, nginx, Phusion Passenger, and much more.


A jQuery plugin to make localStorage easy and manageable to use across variable browsers. Which includes various fallback techniques if the required features are not supported.