Building you a better experience

I'm a full service software developer that specializes in Web Development. I am dedicated to providing a professional, innovative, and creative set of solutions for your business and clients. I have a passion for web design and desire to give you the highest quality solution for you and your clients.


Basin Home Health
Application Design, Development, Branding, Accessibility

A local home healthcare facility, that wanted a better way to display their services to their clients.

Glide CMS
Application Design, Development

I worked with a small team of developers to create a Rails based CMS. Which enables users to create a content rich and easy to manage website.

Application design, Development

I developed a simple application for a distraction free writing area. And when your done will output as a plain txt file for storage anywhere you choose.



I am a Web Developer, trying to find my sweet spot somewhere between designing and developing applications. I've traveled a long journey through PHP until I finally found Ruby. I am a happy Mac user, as well as ambitious about promoting new and growing web standards. I studied Computer Science for a few years, but the overwhelming study of .NET, Visual Basic, and forced learning of Microsoft garble was disheartening, but this doesn't mean I have given up on school. I now enjoy contributing to the open-source community in any way I possibly can, as well as enjoying the products released by many developers worldwide. I really enjoy spending time with my wife and our beautiful children, as well as trying to make a career out of my interests. In the process of building a career, I am also trying to make the most that I can for my childrens futures.